Monday, 2 May 2016


A kent first in otford sevenoaks a superb oriental turtle dove,a massive thanks to barry and gibbards for all the hard work pinning this down so we all could come and see,having no chance yesterday to go,so made plans to go with rob picking him up at 4 oclock we made are way there arriving at 5.10am,first ones there so we do want the germans do we set are scopes up on the prime spot and walked back to the car,then people start turning up,so we starting looking a waiting for the bird to turn up and bang on 5.50 the dove flew in and sat in the sycamore tree,giving a ok view then popped on to the dead tree WOW cracking views my photos are utter pants so does not doe the bird justice

with over 70 people there chatting away and all staying in one place it was superb atomsphere the residents have embraced having a mega bird really well and where very pheasplant to talk to,then a kind gentlemen and his daughter walked along the line of birders asking if we would like to use the loo,and would we like coffee or tea what a moving gesture and how great again the residents are so a big thanks to everyone thats lives along the butts a few friends seen today harry get your hair cut

Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Photographing ravens on the white cliffs is not what i call fun,but getting close to this magnificent birds as they fly past is something else

Sunday, 24 April 2016


found by a good friend barry matlock in the northdown park,having noticed it not on my life list or kent, which matters more i was in two minds about going as it is only a chiffchaff,i ended up going late Saturday afternoon turning up with no other birds in sight,then likely for me Alison turned up,with the bird not singing we was in trouble,but lucky for us it sung a few notes so we could locate it,once heard never to be forgotten