Tuesday, 22 July 2014


These are a few shots of what was one the best reserves in kent,let alone in the county,you been wondering why no reports have been coming out off are beloved stodmarsh/grove,this is the reason i given up so having many,martyn is die hard and still torture himself every weekend,unless you are 8ft tall you be fine,i did not take any for the ramp as would just be hell,
 this is the famous baillons ball,name for that reason
 in focus hide to everyone else harrison,cattle egret,wilson phalorope,purple heron,name just a few
 the famous feast hide where all the kingfisher shots come from,the island that myself and a few other worked on a couple of years back,just make out the chiddy stick
this is the otherside,after being promised when the new management took over to return to it hay day,this is the result,if you going down you just maybe i mean maybe,might see a a natural england worker,but you more chance of seening a spotted crake,but you go down the woods today he be happy with his chainsaw cutting down trees,the answer is if you cant cope give it away like most of your other sites,or even give it to the birders to maintain.because you are just killing the place and breaking thousands of peoples hearts

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Nearly had a nasty accident is a understatement,after spending a few hours try to get a few more shots of the juv marsh harrier
i was walking back to my car and i must of scared the living daylights of this marsh harrier 2cy female i think as see was quartering the bend,she then lunged at me with both claws,i felt the breeze of her wings as she past millimetres above my head,it gave me the biggest scare of my life a few dogdy shots of the bird

try my best not to spook anymore birds

Sunday, 6 July 2014


3 hour wait 40 fags later,only joking half a dozen,also breaking my next for a pee.thought i better not move as it was sitting in front off me,as upon turning up, i watched it being fed by the adult bird then went into hide,so i hid up and waited and waited......................did get a shelduck then these,had to be careful as not to spook the bird, so i let it quarter up and down, then took a few shots on silent mode..you guess it,still heard the camera,by chiddy i am off end of session

Saturday, 5 July 2014


A wet morning i headed of to the peregrine site that people have told me about,i arrived with it lashing down,so sat down and waited and waited then the juv bird arrive and gave outstanding views,who said that june and july are the worst months to go birding and taking photos,i must admit i having a ball at the moment,my pc is jammed with unprocessed images so i got plenty to do on these wet mornings,thats a liar 798 photos later on a wet july headed home with a massive smile

Thursday, 3 July 2014


My afternoon off work yesterday had me wandering around looking for somewhere to go,so i headed off to my normal Wednesday afternoon bolt hole,with zero shots taken and feeling mighty pissed off with wasting my time, i started the long walk back to the car then i notice a lump next to me on the path the result was my photos had no time to change any settings please as punch with the out come,and no i will not tell you where either